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holyprasadam.com is a web portal for booking poojas online at temples in India.
holyprasadam.com aims to help those devotees who, for various reasons, find it difficult to visit the temples of their favorite deities, to make offerings/vazhipadu there from their homes. They can also make regular offerings on special days without any break.
holyprasadam.com is a web portal which helps devotees make offerings/vazhipadu at their favorite temples in an easy manner. All details of the important temples are given in this portal. The list of Poojas in each of these temples are also given. From this devotees can choose the Pooja to be performed for them.
The list of offerings/vazhipadu of each of the temples has been given below the details of the temple. As the devotee chooses the offering/vazhipadu, the date on which it is to be performed should also be chosen. Once the date and the number of offerings have been chosen, click on the ‘Check Box’ given below that. The offering chosen will be listed on ‘My Pooja’s Cart'. Go to the ‘My Pooja’s Cart' which can be seen in the top right corner of the page and give the name and the star of the person for whom the Pooja is to be done. If you would like the ‘Prasadam’ to be sent to you, please click on that option also. After that you can make the payment.
Yes. When you want to book a Pooja for the first time, you have to register in the Portal. You must use the email and password given for registering to log in for booking the Pooja. You have the option to change the password.
Yes. You will certainly receive the Prasadam at home. For that go to ‘Select Prasadam Delivery Option’ in the ‘My Pooja’s Cart' after adding the Name and Birth Star and click on the option that you would like to choose.
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