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Mararikulam Sree Mahadeva Temple


Mararikulam Sree Mahadeva temple is a century old important temple situated at Alleppey district in between Alleppey and Cherthala one kilometer west from NH-47 road and Mararikulam Junction. This powerful temple where self originated idols of Sree Parvathi and Sree Parameswara sits face to face. Maheswara is in a Marari Bhava and Parvathi in a SwayamvaraBhava. Mahadeva Temple decorates an important position in siva temples in Kerala and a rare phenomenon of Arattu (bathing) of god is done in sea. Thanthic is by Vailkom Monattu Illam and Ooranmah (Administration) is by Paduthol Pazhoor Mana. Navagraha, Dhanwanthari, Subramanya, Sastha and Yakshi are co-deities. The Kamari feature of Mahadeva sitting in this temple is highly salvation flowing and with Parvathi's presence more benevolent and desire giving. Special pooja's are Swayamvara pooja and Thalicharthu as the goddess is Swayamvara Parvathy and helps to remove the hardles for marriage. For achieving your wishes Saisyam Mahanivedhyam, Aayiramkudam (1000 pots), Ksheeradhara (milk bath), Mruthyunjaya pushpanjali, Navgraha Pooja, Palpayasam etc. are also done with due importance. Maha Sivarathri, Thiruvathira, Ashtami Rohini, Navarathri etc are the major festivals in this famous temple.


Archana അർച്ചന ₹20
Dhara ധാര ₹35
Nirapara നിറപറ ₹40

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