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Holyprasadam.com is a web portal made for the devotees by Info kerala Communications Pvt. Ltd. For the last twenty years, Info kerala Communications Pvt. Ltd has been in the forefront of Pilgrimage and Tourism in India. A large number of books have already been published. One of our book ‘Pilgrimage to Temple Heritage’ containing all the details of the various temples has been accepted as a trusted guide by the pilgrims in our country. It is with the long experience in this field that the web portal www.holyprasadam.com has been launched.

India is a land of temples. Temples have always been an integral part of the culture and tradition of our nation. Most of them are centuries old and steeped in historical significance. None can hope to see them. All though most of us desire for such a chance. Faced with all the responsibilities of life, very few of us get a chance to see and worship in even a few of these temples.

Now Info kerala Communications Pvt. Ltd has brought each of these temples into your homes. With Holy Prasadam.com you get a chance to see and worship in the various important temples of our country. We may not be able to take you in person to the different temples but we make sure that the ‘Prasadam’ from there reaches your hands. It is a Virtual Pilgrimage that gives you the feel of visiting the temple and attending the pujas physically. You will get details of the history of the Temple; the main deity consecrated there, the minor deities, the timings of the temple and the various pujas. You experience a Virtual Visit to the temple. And the ‘Prasadam’ reaches your home with the blessings of the deity.

There is only one thing that you have to do - just login to the web portal www. holyprasadam.in and you are on your pilgrimage. Let us join in this Holy Pilgrimage and bring the blessings of your beloved deities into your homes.

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Devotees can book Pooja in their favourite temples. Each Pooja is performed to get blessings and boons. Book Pooja


Devotees can understand the legend behind their favourite temples and have a more spiritual relationship. Visit Temple


Devotees can feel that they are in front of their favourite temples by seeing with images and details.

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Devotees can receive the Holy Prasadam of their favourite God or Goddess in their home and get blessed. Book Pooja
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